Hotel MyWay: General Policies (2016) powered by Reloc AG

Opening hours (office): Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 12pm and 1pm – 6pm (Friday until 5pm).

Conclusion of contract: For the conclusion of the contract the regulations of the Swiss Code of Obligations apply. A reservation is confirmed as soon as the hotel received a payment or a valid credit card as guarantee. We reserve the right to charge cancellation fees to the credit card provided as guarantee.

Reservation policy: A reservation is confirmed as soon as the guest receives the electronical confirmation and payment was made or a valid credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) was provided as guarantee. The hotel reserves the right to pre-authorize credit cards with an amount up to the whole booking period prior to arrival. With his booking the guest confirms that all provided personal information is correct. If these conditions are not respected, the Hotel can cancel the reservation without notification.

Cancellations, Modifications and No-shows: Cancellations and modifications to the reservation must be sent to the Hotel in written form and must be confirmed in written form by the Hotel. Without a written confirmation by the Hotel, the agreed price has to be paid, even if the customer does not make use of the agreed services. Cancellations and modifications until 18 o’clock 2 days before arrival are free of charge. In case of a late cancellation 100% of the rate of the first night will be charged to the guest, unless we can sell the room again. In case of a no-show 100% of the rate of the first night will be charged to the guest.

Self-Check-in and Check-out: A self-check-in machine in the Hotel’s lobby allows self-check-in and check-out, by entering the reservation number or the family name. The payment at the Hotel occurs during check-in with credit card or EC-card (Maestro). Hotel MyWay does not have any manned reception. After check-in you will automatically receive your room key-card. Check-in after 15 o’clock / Check-out before 11 o’clock.

Payment and Price: The customer is bound to pay the price offered by the Hotel and/or agreed in the reservation contract for the right to use the room and for any additional services. Prices can be modified by the Hotel, if the customer wishes to modify the number of reserved rooms, the number of guests or the dates of the stay providing that the Hotel agrees. Hotel’s invoices without due date must be paid without deductions within 30 days from the date of invoice. The Hotel reserves the right to demand immediate payment and to apply interests for delayed payments. The Hotel reserves the right to request a pre-payment prior to arrival. The amount and due date of pre-payments can be agreed on in written form on the reservation confirmation.

Disturbances, limitations of service: Disturbances due to f. ex. noise and/or limitations of service do not entitle to compensation or refund.

Liability of the Hotel for damages: The Hotel is liable for damages only in case of deliberateness or gross negligence. Liability for personal belongings of the guest is declined according to effective law. Claims must be raised in written form immediately, max. 5 days after departure; otherwise claims count as forfeited.

Rented object (shifting within a room category): With the reservation the guest obtains the right to stay in a room of the reserved category. The guest does not have the right to demand the allocation of a specific room.

Room allocation, check-in and check-out: The customer does not have the right to demand the allocation of a specific room. Reserved rooms are available for the customer from 3pm on the agreed arrival day. The customer has no right to an earlier availability. On the agreed departure day rooms must be vacated until 11am. After that time the Hotel reserves the right to charge 50% of the standard room rate (list price) until 1pm and 100% of the standard room rate from 1pm, for the damages occurred as a result of the additional use of the room.

Registration: In case of an ongoing stay longer than 3 months, the guest is obligated to register at the residents’ office of the town of Wallisellen. The Hotel may request a proof of registration anytime.

Use of the hotel room: The rented room can be used only by the persons specified in the reservation (including children). If the room is occupied by more persons as agreed in the reservation, the Hotel has the right to apply a charge for the extra persons and/or to terminate the rent of the room without notice. The rooms can be used only for lodging purposes. Any commercial use of the room is strictly forbidden. The guest does not have the right to allocate the rented room to a third party.

Duty of care: The hotel rooms have to be used with care and guests have to be considerate of their room neighbours. Hotel guests and any person staying in the room are liable for damages or excessive soiling to the room or to objects, caused intentionally or unintentionally. Any caused damages must be communicated immediately to the Hotel. Damaged or missing items, furniture and appliances will be charged to the guest. The Hotel reserves the right to charge the guest for damages detected after departure and/or to charge the guest’s credit card given as guarantee. The same applies when the room cannot be rented further because of necessary repairs and extra cleaning caused by the guest.
Internet: The Hotel offers in all rooms and common areas a FREE OF CHARGE Wi-Fi internet connection (wireless LAN). Our hardware conforms to modern standards and is indicated for a general usage (web-browser, e-mails, etc.). Therefore the usage of internet is limited to 2 web-browser capable devices per room. The Hotel is not liable for the guest’s hardware/software. The internet connection is not protected and the guest uses it at his own risk. The Hotel is not liable for any damages caused by spam, viruses, spyware, malware, etc. The Hotel does not take responsibility for speed and performance of the internet connection offered by the provider.

Credit cards: The Hotel has the right to request valid credit card details as guarantee for due charges and to save them for the whole duration of the stay and/or until any open payments are settled (max. 2 days after departure).

Parking space: The guest has the right to park only on the rented parking space and it is not allowed to park any vehicles outside the rented parking space. As long as the guest is parking on hotel parking space, no custody agreement is formed. The Hotel refuses any liability in case of loss or damage to vehicles parked or staying in the garage or to items left in the vehicle.

Smoking: Smoking is forbidden in all hotel rooms as well as in the common areas. The Hotel reserves the right to charge a fee of min. CHF 1’000 for violation of the smoking ban and/or to charge the guest’s credit card given as guarantee. Smoking is permitted on balconies and outside patios.

Lost Properties: Lost properties will be stored by the Hotel for max. 1 month. After 1 month the Hotel reserves the right to dispose of lost properties upon a charge for the disposal.

Pets: It is forbidden to keep any pets and animals (incl. small animals) in the room without written permit by the Hotel.

Applicable law: Any contract with the Hotel is subject to Swiss law. Where not explicitly agreed otherwise, the conditions of the Swiss Code of Obligations apply (Art. 253ff. OR). By signing the contract / confirmation or unilaterally confirming a booking the guest accepts the general policies.